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User Adoption & Change Management

for IT applications / M365 and New Working

Everyone can join the Wind of CHANGE.



I am Elisabeth and have been working as a consultant, trainer, author and learning designer for many years. My aim is to design classic and modern trainings that fit perfectly your IT Change project - for onsite as well as virtual trainings.

My daily experience: Change presents companies with great challenges. In order to involve employees in projects such as change to digital, agile and transparent working methods, a decisive but cautious approach is necessary. I know my way around delicate and firmly rooted plants in German, English, French and Spanish-speaking cultural areas, in small and medium-sized enterprises as well as in large corporations.

Every species, from those that grow close to the ground to those that grow high up, needs the right handling: How should the know-how for 'new work' with complex applications like Microsoft 365 or SharePoint be sown? Together we analyse the terrain and create the best planting plan. So that change projects become new growth.


New work, digitization, software migration.
The seed for something new needs to be planted carefully.

Let us design a planting plan for 'New Work'.
I will prepare the field , select a suitable trainer team - if required - or train and coach myself. I will take care of all key aspects of delivery. In short, I will be the tailwind for your change project.
So that change is made easy.

  • Needs analysis: Changes, where? Actual learning goals? Prerequisites?
    There is not only one way to change.
  • Schedule: What goals do you want to achieve? And by when?
  • Preparing the way to the goal: Selection and production of suitable learning modules
  • Selection and deployment of suitable trainers or trainer teams
  • Conception of practical use cases, on request at the workplace, through floorwalking and coaching
  • Creation of support materials, media and handouts


Tools, Topics and Formats

WHAT I SOW: I cultivate applications and techniques of modern working methods and collaboration in the company. Agile, transparent and cloud-based collaboration.
So that it grows and grows sustainably.

HOW I SEED: I design change by means of innovative training formats that I produce personally and with great attention to the final user. So that each leaning experience is individual, species-appropriate,
and no one is left behind on the path to change.

The tools

  • MS Office 365 - full range with
    MS Teams, Power Apps and Flow,
    MS OneNote. Online and
    desktop versions.
  • Yammer
  • Skype for Business
  • MS SharePoint online and
    2016 Server Edition

The topics

In addition to providing users with adequate technical skills, I put strong emphasis on the practical benefits that the new tools and methods entail. I am happy to develop concepts for the topics you desire, for example:

  • Time management
  • Work organisation with Office 365
  • E-mail archiving
  • Mail governance
  • New collaboration with
    MS Teams
  • Leading virtual teams


Online Trainings
Classroom trainings
Blended Learning
The Healthy Mix
Use Cases
Case Studies


Close to the customer

I believe that supporting CHANGE means to work closely together with the customer. As a lerning designer, I aim at seeding new skills that will take root smoothly and blossom rapidly.

  • What applications or techniques are really needed?
  • What building blocks can effectively pave the way to change?
  • What are the most adequate learning formats and learning environments?
  • Have any topics been so far misreceived ? If yes, by whom?

I dig deep into the customer's terrain and analyse their particular needs. For the best outcomes, I believe, come from tailored learning plans and the right selection of modules and formats.

Learning modules - cultivated and hand-plucked from my orchard

I spread new knowledge with proven, standardised training formats - if required
Are you afraid that these will not help in your particular case?
No worries! Not only do I ensure the best arrangement of standard learning modules, but I also design and produce content in different formats such as tutorials, explanatory videos or webinars - adapted as you wish. For my clients, I develop use cases with high practical relevance.
Perfectly fit cobblestones ease your journey towards new skills.

At eye level

I greatly value the opinions and the emotions of your employees during the planning of change processes. Users can be essential to make changes meaningful and understandable. Together, we integrate the new tools and techniques directly into the actual routines of your everyday work. So that innovation is harmonious, its advantages are obvious, and employees can go along with them.
Sometimes, additional helpers - learning companions or whole trainer teams - are needed. I will organize that for you. Important here: Trainers must speak the language of the users. I speak German, English, French, Spanish, the slang of the workbench and the Latin of the board members.
Understanding each other is the basis for trust.


Strong projects with strong partners


At home in different worlds

I grew up close to fields, woods and meadows, but I was still a young girl when I moved to big cities like Paris and Munich. The world felt to me like a huge adevture playground, and my insatiable curiosity longed to be fed. Communication, linguistics, art - these were my main fields of study. At the time, technology was not not one of my passions. I grew into IT by professional practice.  

Later in life, my inquiring mind sought for new fulfilment, and found it in a postgraduate course in computational linguistics. This particular combination of interests, professional experience and studies makes me an enthusiastic consultant, trainer, and author, who passionately designs New Learning for New Work in the Digital World.
Change is possible, I experienced that myself. From a tender little plant blossomed a stubborn, assertive dandelion: robust and efficient, yet sensitive and adaptable to other cultures.


  • German (mother tongue)
  • English (fluent)
  • French (fluent)
  • Spanish (good)



  • PROSCI Change Management Practitioner
  • MS Service Adoption Specialist
  • Enabling Teams with MS Teams
  • SCRUM Master
  • Microsoft Certified Master Instructor
  • PC application consultant
  • European Net Trainer


  • Linguistics & Communication in Paris and Munich

Postgraduate studies

  • Adult education
  • Computational linguistics

IT applications

    Microsoft 365, all applications like

  • MS Teams
  • MS OneNote
  • Skype for Business
  • MS SharePoint online and on-prem
  • MS Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel
  • MS Power Automatic
  • MS Power BI


Elisabeth Ebert
Argeter Weg 4
83624 Otterfing near Munich
Tel. (0 80 24) 608 42 03

Mag. Elisabeth Ebert

Beyond the computer screen:

As you can guess from the pictures on this website, I love to spend my free time between large and small CHANGE projects out in the nature, surrounded by birdsongs and dandelions. The time and space left for Twitter and Co. is very little. That is why you will not find any link to social media on this page.